Journal of Economics and Development, T. 15, S. 2 (2013)

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Climate Change and Land Use Change of Rural Households in The Red River Delta, Vietnam

Luu Bich Ngoc

Tóm tắt

       Climate change (CC) and its impacts on the socio-economy and the development of communities has become an issue causing very special concern. The rise in global temperatures, in sea levels, extreme weather phenomena, and  salinization have  occurred more and more and have directly influenced the livelihoods of rural households in the Red River Delta - one of the two regions projected to suffer strongly from climate change in Vietnam. For farming households in this region, the major and traditional livelihoods are based on main production materials as agricultural land, or aquacultural water surface Changes in the  land use of rural households in the Red River Delta during recent times was influenced strongly by the Renovation policy in agriculture as well as the process of industrialization and modernization in the country. Climate change over the past 5 years (2005-2011) has started influencing household land use with the concrete manifestations being the reduction of the area cultivated  and the changing of  the purpose of land use.

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