T. 3, S. 01 (2019)

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Toward Improved Models for Decision Making in Economics Tóm tắt PDF
Nguyen T. Hung
Use of Symmetries in Economics: An Overview Tóm tắt PDF
Vladik Kreinovich, Olga Kosheleva, Nguyen Ngoc Thach, Nguyen Duc Trung
Reality-Based Probability & Statistics: Solving the Evidential Crisis Tóm tắt PDF
William M. Briggs
Quantum Probability based Decision Making in Finance: from Individual Preferences to Market Outcomes Tóm tắt PDF
Polina Khrennikova
The Mechanics of Physics in Finance and Economics: Pitfalls from Education and Other Issues Tóm tắt PDF
Emmanuel Haven
The Effects of Public Expenditure on Economic Growth in Asia Countries: A Bayesian Model Averaging Approach Tóm tắt PDF
Nguyen Ngoc Thach, Le Hoang Anh, Pham Thi Ha An
Offshoring Medium-Skilled Jobs and Wage Inequality in Task-Based Approach - From Practical to Theoretical Perspectives Tóm tắt PDF
Vo Thi Ngoc Ha